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Hope Rising Missions

Hope Rising Conference is on it’s 6th year and we are continuing to grow. Our Conference is a time of celebration for all that God is doing through Bethel Christian Church. Join us as we continue to seek the Lord on what we can do next as his church and how we can reach the nation!
Hope For Freedom Walk began in 2009 and is continuing to be a success. Walking 2.7 miles to be a represenatation of the 27 million slaves in the world, we raise awareness and funding for freedom against human trafficking.
Hope Rising Cambodia started 3 years ago as we sent missionaries from Bethel who preached the gospel, put in a water well, provided clean water kits, raised awareness of human trafficking, trained Pastors and leaders and much more. We continue to expand our efforts to reach the nation of Cambodia for Jesus Christ.
Hope Rising Cambodia Scholarship Initiative launched in November of 2014. Bethel Christian Church is providing and supporting the young people of Cambodia by giving them hope, an education, and helping them to reach others for Jesus Christ.
Nigeria has been a part of Bethel Missions for many years. We continue to support, love, build and preach the Gospel in Nigeria. Our impact in this nation is growing each year.
Bethel Christian Church is involved with the following local outreaches: Angel Tree, Hope Center partnership, Macomb County Jail Ministry, Community Garden, Van ministry, Outreach to Arabic speakers / Refugees, Summerfest, and the Bethel Harvest Party. We are planning to be involved in even more outreaches in 2015.