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Hope Rising: CAMBODIA

10/40 Window | Well Water | Trafficking Prevention | Word of God

10/40 Window Outreach

There are over 2.7 billion people on earth that have never heard the Good News of Jesus. The vast majority live in an area of the world called the "10/40 Window".Cambodia is included in the 10/40. The Gospel of Hope will be preached to a people that is less than 2% Christian.

Word of God

Audio Bibles in the Khmer language will be provided so growth and discipleship can continue to encourage and build the local church.

Water Well

The majority of Cambodia’s people live in rural areas where clean drinking water is not available. Drinking and cooking water is drawn from dirty and stagnant ponds which are shared with animals. A well will be dug which will provide clean water. Many life threatening issues can be overcome simply by having access to clean, uncontaminated water.

Human Trafficking Prevention

Cambodia is a hub for sex-trafficking. Extreme poverty puts children at risk to be exploited and trafficked. Educating children and families in rural areas will prevent children from being sold into slavery.