...Christ in you the hope of glory

Col 1:27


See a life changed, simply by inviting them to church. We believe everyone needs the love of Jesus and an invitation to church may be a key part of that connection to God. In person, on social media, and in every way possible, share what God is doing here.

Next Steps Classes

Are you new to faith or new to our family? Bethel's Next Steps classes will connect our vision to the word of God. From foundational priciples of faith to practical strategies for life, these teachings will help you advance in your relationship with God. These classes are also designed to help unify our focus as we look to serve the Lord and serve each other.


Bethel has a variety of ministries to get involved in. Use the unique gifts and talents God has given you to serve him. 


See God’s promises fulfilled through your generosity and take ownership in what God is doing through this ministry.

Stay Connected

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