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Weekly Services

Bethel's Weekend Services are held each Sunday Morning at 11am featuring:
  • Family Worship
  • Early Childhood Ministry (Ages: 0 - 5) 
  • Bethel Kid's (Grades: 2 - 5)
  • Student Ministries  (Grades: 6 - 12)
Service is streamed live on Bethel's Church Online platform and on YouTube.
At 7:00pm on the 1st Wednesday of every month, Bethel has the following services available:
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Early Childhood Ministry (Ages: 0 - 5) 
  • Bethel Kid's (Grades: 2 - 5)
  • Student Ministries  (Grades: 6 -12)
Bethel offers a variety of Life Groups focused on Living in the power of Christ, Learning to become like Christ, Loving as the family of Christ, and Leading others to Christ. 

Groups vary in location, age group, and topic. Contact us for more information on Life Groups

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Bible Study Group

Bethel Christian Church



Forgotten Harvest

Warren, MI

Book Club Life Group

Warren, MI



50+ Life Group

Warren, MI

Christian Virtues Life Group

Warren, MI



Women's Life Group

Warren, MI

Prayer Life Group

Warren, MI



Student Ministries Winter Jam

Bethel Christian Church

First Wednesday

Bethel Christian Church



Bethel's Pastoral Staff
Rev. William and Roberta FarinaSenior Pastors
Jeremy and Samantha BellishStudent Ministries Directors
Robin RoslonskiEarly Childhood Director
Stephen and Christina FarinaAssociate Pastors
Greg and Denise PearlKids Ministry Pastors
Martha MartoniSecretary
Daniel and Danielle HodgsonAdministrative Pastors
Mel and Judy RutkoskeAssistant Pastors
Rev. Tammy SoboslayAssistant Pastor
Rick StorchAssistant Pastor

What We Believe

Our Mission
JESUS has changed our lives with his love for God, all people, and us as individuals. Our family of believers exists to LIVE in the power of Christ, LEARN to become like Christ, LOVE as the family of Christ, and to LEAD others to Christ.
Our Faith
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